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People that often move between different European countries face the problem that their medical records are scattered among many doctors, hospitals, and countries.

Health2Go’s European health passport might just be the solution they need.


Too much sitting is not good for us, even if you combine it with regular exercise. People need to be regularly incentivized to stand up and move around.

MiRflect offers a solution that stimulates employees to be more active during the day and prevents the negative effects of sedentary behavior.


The healthcare industry faces big staffing problems and it costs a lot of time to find the right people and execute the HR processes needed.

Heasy wants to speed up this process and help hospitals to find the right staff easily.


As a patient in the hospital, it is not always clear who is taking care of you and what their role is in your care journey. It is also not always clear when hospital staff expects you to be in your room to give care.

Hola wants to make this more visible for the patient so they are better informed.


Did you ever have to find your way to a hospital? It is not always easy and causes lots of patients and caretakers extra stress. Sometimes people get lost or they are late for their appointment.

GO! offers a simple solution to find your way to the hospital by using QR codes.

Found out more about the H-Impact program below

H-Impact is no longer accepting participants.

Interested in this program? Take a look at the website of Ghent University – DO! or EIT Health for similar offerings.


H-Impact is an international program, with a 6 ECTS credit certificate, that gives participants the chance to develop specific skills, gather necessary knowledge & work on their personal development and mindset to make an impact on real-life challenges within healthcare.

Do you want to make a difference & create impact? Then sign up & apply for the H-Impact program.

What is H-Impact?

H-Impact is a 12-week international program that teaches innovation and entrepreneurial skills in the health care sector. The program consists of 2 on-site weekends (who will not be organized on-site, but online due to Corona) of 4 days and 12 weeks of online modules, assignments and a team challenge to work on.

During the program, participants will apply their newly gained knowledge and skills on the industry challenge which they tackle as a multidisciplinary team. While building an innovative solution, they go through the process of understanding, ideation, prototyping and testing, leading to a business model and go-to-market strategy. All of this with a focus on the healthcare ecosystem.

Why this program?

The program builds the innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship skills that are necessary to solve the challenges our healthcare sector faces today and in the future. Health organizations are desperately looking for staff that understands the process of bringing new solutions and technologies to the market, or to facilitate change withing their organization. This program combines a focus on those skills with the necessary expertise from the healthcare sector.

H-Impact is ideal for people from different backgrounds who want to work in the healthcare sector: for master students, recent graduates or researchers who want to have an extra advantage when applying for a job, for entrepreneurs who want to start their business in healthcare and for employees who want to strengthen their intrapreneurial and innovation skills.

Program overview

Program details


Application process

H-Impact takes the corona measures into account. Because of this, the complete course will be organized online (including the normally onsite weekends)

Application Deadline

14 June 2020

Start of the program

14 September 2020

End of the program

7 December 2020

Find more information about important program dates here.

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