Ghent University students


649 euro 


As a Ghent University student, you can join the program for 549 euro if you apply before April 30th. If you apply after April 30th the ticket price for Ghent University students is 649 euro.


Students from other University’s


849 euro 


If you apply before April 30th you can join the program with an early bird ticket. If you apply after April 30th the ticket price for students is 849 euros.



Extra discount codes are available through our partners:

– BlueHealth Innovation center

– Roche

– Erasmus MC

– University of Luxembourg

– EIT Health

* You can not use a discount code from a partner when you already apply as a Ghent University student.


Students who need a scholarship can apply for one by contacting our program manager before they apply.

The program offers a very limited amount of spots for scholarship-student in the program. Students who apply for a scholarship can only apply for these spots, they can not apply for a regular application and a scholarship application at the same time.

Because the applications for the scholarship spots are reviewed after the regular applications, the student who didn’t get in with a scholarship will not be able to join the program without a scholarship either. Seeing these spots are very limited compared with the number of places for students without a scholarship, we encourage students who are able to join without a scholarship to do so.

Students who want to apply for a scholarship can request the requirements by contacting the program manager before they apply.

Application Deadline

14 June 2020

Included in the program

→ Lunch, drinks & course materials during the two weekends (1 – 4 October 2020 & 4 – 7 December 2020)

→ Access to the online learning materials & online teamwork-tools

→ Coaching & Mentorship

→ Fieldtrip & workshop – Create4Care @ the Erasmus MC – Rotterdam

→ Access to the network event “Share the Impact @Roche

Not included: Hotel & travel costs

Due to the corona measurements travel to Belgium, Ghent, is no longer necessary to follow the program. The complete course will be provided online.

DO! is the center for student entrepreneurship at Ghent University. We are the first point of contact for every University student who is thinking about starting his/her own venture, as well as a springboard towards other entrepreneurial organizations and initiatives in the ecosystem.