The program that helps you develop your entrepreneurial and innovative skills in order to create impact within health care.

Why this program?

Participating in this program gives you the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and attitude to impact the healthcare sector by tackling real-life and global challenges.

Do you want to make that difference? Take a look at the 4 global challenges to choose from and apply! Don’t worry, you won’t need any prior knowledge to participate in this program.

Do you have prior innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge?

This program focuses on transformative skills in the healthcare sector and is built with a multidisciplinary perspective so that anyone can participate. Our plug & play format ensures you’ll get the knowledge that’s right for you, at the right time. That’s why we’ve created additional and more in-depth courses for those with prior entrepreneurial experience.

Still not convinced this program is right for you? Contact us or request a skype-meeting, as we’re happy to give you all the answers to your questions.


Who can apply?

This program is designed for anyone motivated and passionate enough to embrace these global healthcare challenges and wants to make a difference in the health sector.


Apply for this program as a

  • Professional
  • Entrepreneur
  • Master student
  • Ph.D. student
  • Researcher

A selection procedure will take place, where participants will be primarily chosen based on their motivation.

We’ll also take a look at your background, to guarantee a multidisciplinary cohort of participants that are able to look at the healthcare sector from a wide range of perspectives. From CEO’s to nurses to healthcare students to engineering enthusiasts, as long as you’re aligned with the same goal: tackling one of the global healthcare challenges our society faces today.

Finally, we’ll look at your time commitment towards this program. As this program is designed in a part-time format, we do want to get a feel for whether participants are able to combine this with their day-to-day job or studies.

That’s why we’ll ask you to give us an indication of the time you’re willing, or able, to spend on this program. You get out what you put in, so the more time you’re able to dedicate to this program, the more you’ll learn. The minimum required availability is 6h/week, but you’re welcome to scale this all the way to a fulltime commitment as well.

At the end of the program, you’ll have the skills to either start your own start-up as an entrepreneur or innovate within an existing organization as an intrapreneur.

Program Schedule

The program starts with a Kick-off weekend, organized in Belgium. Further details will be provided after a successful application.

27-29 September 2019 – on-site weekend

This weekend will be all about meeting the other participants, being provided access to all the necessary information and course-materials, as well as participate in a few initial workshop sessions to get the program started.


Topics that will be addressed:

Program of the weekend


  • Inspirational visit & story of innovative intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs within Health
  • Workshop Design Thinking
  • Workshop Lean Startup
  • Workshop Innovation in Healthcare
  • Workshop Ideation & Getting the challenge clear
  • Lot’s of teambuilding
  • Inspirational talks 
  • Introduction to the program


* topics still subject to change


At the beginning of every week, you’ll be provided with the necessary learning materials and relevant information for the assignments, which are due at the end of every module. It’s up to each participant to decide when, and for how long, you review all of the materials. You can meet with the rest of your team online at all times. You’ll be provided access to an online platform that will be used as the backbone for the entire online program.


MODULE 1 Innovation Process

In this module you will learn more about:

  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Startup
  • Double Loop Model
  • User-Centered Design

MODULE 2 Value Proposition

In this module you will learn more about:

  • Costumer Discovery
  • Value Proposition
  • Competition
  • Testing
  • The Health Playing Field

MODULE 3 Product / Service

In this module you will learn more about:

  • Prototyping
  • Intellectual Property
  • GDPR & Data protection

MODULE 4 Business Model

In this module you will learn more about:

  • Business Model
  • Health Economics
  • Financing
  • Commen Pitfalls
  • Lean Pricing

MODULE 5 Go to Market

In this module you will learn more about:

  • Marketing & communication
  • Regulation CE/FDA
  • Clinical Trails

MODULE 6 Pitching

In this module you will learn more about:

  • Pitching
  • Storytelling
  • Internationalisation


*topics still subject to change




To finish the program, a closing weekend will be organized in Belgium. Further details will be provided after a successful application. 

13-15 December 2019 – on-site weekend


During the closing weekend, each team will share their experiences, ideas, and processes with the other participants. Besides that, you can expect to get detailed information about all the post-program options, including extensive information about different incubation and acceleration programs you’ll be able to access upon successful completion of the H-Impact program.


Topics that will be addressed during the closing weekend:


  • Group reflection
  • Group dynamics and interaction
  • Pitching practice
  • Professional jury pitching
  • What after the program & how to continue

* topics still subject to change


The program is designed with the best online-pedagogical methods at hand, varying from online-classes, video’s consultations, workshops, co-creation-sessions, team meetings, coaching and mentorship from experts within the healthcare industry, Q&A sessions, inspiration sessions and more.

Why is the main part of the program online?

As we want this program to be as multidisciplinary as possible, providing a big part of the program in an online format gives all participants the flexibility to combine this with their day-to-day jobs or studies. Additionally, it’s easier for international participants, as well as international speakers and teachers, to join this program and provide knowledge and expertise from all over Europe.

Lastly, it’s all about providing the right content at the right time, for the right person. This way, you’ll get specific learning materials depending on the challenge you’re working on, your level of expertise and any other personal or team needs you might have related to this program.


As mentioned above, this program is created to provide all participants with the information that’s right for them, and for their teams. The online part of the program really helps to support different formats of materials, extra Q&A sessions and meetings if needed, expert panels on specific topics that surface during the program, and so much more.

Specifically, this means that we’ll be closely monitoring both you and your team to ensure this program offers the answers to all of your questions and needs.

Program topics

The following topics will be covered during the program: Design Thinking, Lean Startup Principles, User-Centered Design, Value Proposition Design, Overview of the health playing field, Prototyping, Validation, Business Modeling, IP, Life-cycle management, Market Differentiation, Storytelling & Pitching, Clinical Trials, GDPR & Data Protection in Healthcare, Go-To-Market Strategy, Health Financing, ..


As mentioned before, the program will differ for participants with specific backgrounds or prior knowledge of the above topics.

Program Experts

A lot of experts are involved in the H-Impact program.


  • Prof. Dr. Tessa Kerre – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Petra Andries – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Valcke – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Gielen – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans – Ghent University
  • Lieselot Burggraeve – HIRUZ Ghent University Hospital
  • Magali Feys – AContrario
  • Arnaud Dierickx – USentric
  • Sofie Staelraeve – Dashplus
  • Elise Carton – PwC
  • Tom Braekeleirs – BlueHealth Innovation Center
  • Ruth Beckers
  • TechTransfer Office Ghent University
  • DO! – Center for entrepreneurship Ghent University

After the program

Upon successful completion of the H-Impact program, you’ll have the skills, knowledge, and mindset to embark on different career options:

  • Start your own HealthTech start-up, based on the opportunities and ideas you’ve uncovered during the program. You’ll have a validated solution to one of the crucial challenges our health sector faces, which can grant you access to the incubator or accelerator programs offered by our partners below. During these programs, you’ll receive extensive coaching, support, and guidance, as well as opportunities to receive funding to further develop this idea into a viable business.


JLabs (Janssen accelerator program)

Health RampUp (BHIC incubator program)

EIT Health (accelerator program)


  • It’s equally important to be able to innovate within existing companies and organizations. After this program, you’ll be able to realize change within your organization as an intrapreneur, where you’ll be able to challenge current models, develop new ideas and execute on new strategies to create a meaningful impact for the healthcare sector.

In any case, this program offers extensive added value to anyone willing to innovate in the healthcare sector, whether that’s through starting a new business, reinventing an existing one or merely raising awareness about global health challenges.


After the H-Impact program, you’ll receive a certificate that you can use as an addition to your CV, as well as on your LinkedIn profile.