The H-Impact program is based on The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, or EntreComp and contains the following competences.

Ideas & opportunities

  • Spotting opportunities
  • Creativity
  • Vision
  • Valuing ideas
  • Ethical & sustainable thinking


  • Self-awareness & self-efficacy
  • Motivation & perseverance
  • Mobilising resources
  • Financial & economic literacy
  • Mobilising others

Into Action

  • Taking the initiative
  • Planning & management
  • Coping with ambiguity, uncertainty & risk
  • Working with others
  • Learning through experience

You can find a detailed list of the competences here. 


These experts are involved in the program:

  • Prof. Dr. Tessa Kerre – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Petra Andries – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Valcke – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Gielen – Ghent University
  • Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans – Ghent University
  • Dr. Onno Helder Create4Care Erasmus MC
  • Lieselot Burggraeve – HIRUZ Ghent University Hospital
  • Magali Feys – AContrario
  • Arnaud Dierickx – USentric
  • Sofie Staelraeve – Dashplus
  • Elise Carton – PwC
  • Tom Braekeleirs – BlueHealth Innovation Center
  • Ruth Beckers
  • TechTransfer Office Ghent University
  • DO! – Center for entrepreneurship Ghent University


H-Impact is a program of Ghent University – DO!, supported by EIT Health and in collaboration with BlueHealth Innovation Center, Roche Diagnostics, Erasmus Medical Center / Create4Care and the University of Luxembourg.

Supported by Doctoral Schools. 


During the program, participants get additional coaching from the coaches of the program to challenge them on their ideas and take their learings to the next level.


Ellen Bruyninckx

Manager of the H-Impact program – Ghent University DO!

“I have a background in Occupational Therapy & Pedagogics and I started as a student entrepreneur myself. I currently have a few businesses/start-ups which are health-related and I am looking forward to being your coach in this program!”

Maarten Van Gorp

Regional Manager Ghent – BlueHealth Innovation Center

“I have a background in Physical Therapy and I’ve studied a Master in Entrepreneurship in Melbourne, where I was part of a HealthTech robotics start-up. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and I’ll be available during and after the program if you need any help.”

Jolien Coenraets

Coach entrepreneurial education – Ghent University DO!

“I have a background in Computer Science Engineering. I started my own company during my studies, but I have been working for Ghent University as entrepreneurship teaching staff for several years. I’ve coached many students and researchers on their first steps of their entrepreneurial journey.”


Each participant chooses one of the challenges from the program after registration. Solutions to these challenges will be developed in a team throughout the program. This gives participants the opportunity to apply the theory to their own project, linked to a real-life challenge comming from the healthcare sector.

Application Deadline

14 June 2020

DO! is the center for student entrepreneurship at Ghent University. We are the first point of contact for every University student who is thinking about starting his/her own venture, as well as a springboard towards other entrepreneurial organizations and initiatives in the ecosystem.